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We Train The World's Best Automotive Locksmiths

At American Center For Locksmith Training in Ogden, Utah, we train you to be the best. When you complete your course with us, you leave our facility with a certificate showing our name. This being the case, we protect our reputation of being the top locksmith training center in the United States by ensuring you have the knowledge and skills required to make it in the trade.

Our instructors are Automotive Master Locksmiths and some of the top automotive locksmiths specialists in the United States. They are actively working in the automotive locksmith industry (Not retired locksmiths). They attend training on a regular basis to expand their skills and technology which is then passed on to students.

Upon completion of your course, we do not just dump you on the street to fend for yourself. We offer continuing support to our students by adding you to our ACLT chat groups. In the chat groups you can ask questions of the instructors and others who have completed courses through our automotive programs. All ACLT instructors are online during business hours to help you out in any situation which may arise.

If needed, for an additional fee, you may enroll in our ACLT Automotive Locksmith Telephone Tech Support plan. Using this plan you may call our toll free tech support number and speak to an Automotive Master Locksmith anytime during business hours Monday through Saturday.

Class sizes are kept small so Automotive Master Locksmith instructors can devote more time to each student. This in turn allows the student to learn at a much quicker rate than if classes were large. ACLT also offers one on one private training for an additional fee.

ACLT offers several automotive locksmith courses including Certified Automotive Locksmith, EEPROM & Soldering, Transponder Identification, Production, and Key Building, Certified BMW, Certified Mercedes, and our Certified Automotive Locksmith Boot Camp, a 13 day course which includes all of our automotive locksmith programs

Upon completion of your course, you will receive both a certificate of completion AND certification from Professional Locksmiths of America, a national locksmith trade association. All course credits are applied toward PROLOA certification levels.

We look forward to seeing you in class! Remember, your success is our business. If you do not succeed, we do not succeed.

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Dec 21, 2020

Great automotive locksmith training. The instructors are very well trained Master Locksmiths and the entire operation is top notch. If you wanna learn how to be an automotive locksmith and do it right, go to ACLT.

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