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       Thank you for enrolling with ACLT.  We look forward to training with you.  Class begins at 9:00 AM daily and runs 7 days a week from 9 to 4.  A break is provided for lunch and many restaurants are nearby.


       You do not need to bring any tools with you as we provide everything needed in class.  We recommend you wait until after you have completed class to make any purchases as many students have wasted a lot of money purchasing unneeded items.  You will have the opportunity to see, touch, and use all tools, machines, and programmers during class.

       For hotel accommodations we recommend searching Google for nearby local hotels or booking an Air BNB.  There are MANY hotels nearby as we are located in the center of the city.  The closest hotels are Home 2 and Tru which are 3 blocks away.  The next closest hotel is Hampton Inn.


       Madison Place offers discounts to our students and is VERY reasonably priced.  Please visit WWW.2375MadisonPlace.Com to book or contact Christopher Ostler at 801-856-9620

       Upon arriving at our facility, please park in the courthouse parking lot next door to our facility and Key Man.  Parking behind our facility is very limited.

ACLT Sponsored Chat Groups

ACLT offers access to sponsored chat groups ***free of charge to those who have completed ACLT courses.  Upon completion of each portion of your course of study, you will have the option of being invited to join a chat group for that topic.  In order to join sponsored chat groups, you must first download "Whatsapp" on your cellphone.  Joining ACLT sponsored chat groups is NOT required, but recommended as fellow students, instructors, and moderators are in the chat groups to provide assistance.  By registering for an ACLT course and accepting a chat request sent by an ACLT representative, you agree to abide by the chat group rules which have been set forth.  Failure to follow ANY rule is grounds for removal from ALL chat groups.

On the first day of class, your instructor will ask for your name and telephone number in order to add you to free sponsored chat groups.  There is no charge to you whatsoever for the chat groups If you are uninterested in joining, make them aware at that time.  Again, chat is NOT included in tuition, it is free of charge.

Sponsored Chat Rules

*Bullying of others in the group is not permitted

*No vulgarity or foul language

*Keep all conversations on a professional level (We are all here to learn)

*DO NOT introduce or discuss non approved tools or techniques into the chat groups. (Remember, most in the groups are new locksmiths and could be confused. ACLT taught tools and techniques are proven and cause no damage.  Unapproved techniques may be experimental and damaging.)

*Always follow the instruction of all moderators.  They are there to help and make chat groups safe and effective.  Disobeying or arguing with moderators is grounds for immediate removal.

*Ask moderators before advertising or selling in the chat groups.

*DO NOT bring ANYONE into the chat groups.  Chat groups are for ACLT Alumni only.

Although a warning MAY be provided by a moderator, warnings ARE NOT required.  Failure to follow any of the rules can result in immediate removal from ALL chat groups.  Remember, our chat groups are offered to students free of charge and are a privilege.  The groups are not a right, not a democracy, and can be taken away for one or more violations.

***Membership or admission to ACLT sponsored chat groups MAY NOT be purchased by students or outsiders.  Our groups are free of charge and open to alumni only.

Please be advised.  As of 2023, only a few US states require locksmith licensing.  Of these 13, only a few do not accept ACLT training and certification alone to satisfy licensing requirements.  Although these 13 states have licensing, ACLT graduates have achieved licensing in all 50 states.  States with the most stringent licensing requirements are Louisiana, Texas, and New Jersey.  Please be advised ACLT provides you with Certificates of Completion upon finishing your selected course.  These certificates ARE NOT a locksmith license.  They merely provide proof you completed a locksmith course of study.  It is your responsibility to check with your state for any local requirements in addition to ACLT training.

       If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call us.



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