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New BMW Certification Course

BMW vehicles are a mystery to most locksmiths even if they have attended a training course. There are many tools out there in use designed for BMW. The problem is most of them are difficult to use and carry a high degree of risk.

American Center For Locksmith Training has designed a BMW Certification course which simplifies BMW. We have practiced with all BMW tools out there and incorporated only the most reliable and easiest to use in our course.

When you take our BMW Certification course, you will learn add a key and all keys lost operations for all BMW systems including EWS, CAS, and FEM/BDC. Not only will you learn to SAFELY program keys, you will also learn methods for cutting the mechanical keys when all keys are lost.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be confident in your BMW abilities.

For more information and pricing, visit our website at and click on "Class Schedule" or call 385-405-1294 and speak to Glenn.

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