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This 2 DAY course will teach students to trouble shoot and repair common issues with safes and vaults as well as repair and install mechanical and electronic combination locks.  Combination changing on various types of locks is also taught as well as opening techniques.

  • Safe & Vault Preventative Maintenance

  • Trouble Shooting Common issues

  • Repairing Common Issues

  • Installing New Locks

  • Electronic Auto Dialers

  • Opening Techniques

  • Disassembly & Assembly

  • Combination Changing

  • And more


Refund & Exchange Policy

Refunds for the full amount paid minus processing fees may be issued  if there are more than 30 days until the start of the class you originally enrolled in.

If your class begins in under 30 days, we are unable to issue a refund, but you may exchange your class registration for any future scheduled class.  Students exchanging classes are given seating priority in future classes.

If you would like to exchange your class, please email or call us to ensure we schedule you for the date of your choice.

Safe & Vault Servicing

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