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We ARE NOT Affiliated With Other Websites That Are Using Pictures of Our Training Center And Students

American Center For Locksmith Training located in beautiful Ogden, Utah is the premier Automotive Locksmith training facility in the United States and the only facility of its kind in the entire world.  Classes are held at our Ogden facility

       Many locksmith "schools" and online training programs advertise as teaching you all you need to know to become a locksmith, but once the course is completed, students quickly discover they are unprepared.  VERY unprepared.  Our instructors have visited other training facilities and paid for online courses in order to assess the level of materials and learning.  We can promise you, they fall far short of American Center For Locksmith Training programs.  ONLINE TRAINING, TRADE SHOW, AND DISTRIBUTOR CLASSES ARE ABSOLUTELY NO SUBSTITUTE FOR ACLT CLASSROOM HANDS-ON TRAINING. 


       The sole purpose of trade show and distributor classes is to SELL PRODUCTS.  The example vehicles used in these classes are "cherry picked" in order to make it look easy and give you confidence.  We know, we have attended most every "class".  You then buy the products being used in the demonstration and the distributor in turn makes tens of thousands on products alone from each class.

       Upon completion of the course you return home feeling prepared.  When attempting to complete your first job, you then realize you were not properly prepared.  You have the tools, but not the knowledge.  At ACLT, our reputation is on the line.  If you do not look good in the field, we look even worse. 

       When you complete your courses and leave our training facility, you WILL know what you are doing.  We will make sure of it.  Upon completing your course of study, you have the option of joining our sponsored online chat where you can communicate, help, and receive help from other past students as well as your instructors.  Our moderators are VERY active in the chat groups.  There is no cost to join the chat groups whatsoever and no cost for chat is included in tuition.  The groups are FREE, however they are only available to students who have completed ACLT courses.

       ACLT is the only training center in the world offering programs in Certified Locksmith, Certified Automotive Locksmith, EEPROM & Soldering Certification, BMW Certification, Mercedes Certification, Motorcycles, and Safes/Vaults.  Our courses are not merely an "introduction" in an attempt to sell you tools as trade show classes are.  We strive to ensure you leave with the knowledge to be successful as a locksmith.

       Our facility is equipped with the latest equipment, tools, and software in order to give you an opportunity to work with various devices, machines, and programmers.  We will teach you various methods to complete each job (Yes, there is always more than one way).  This in turn enables you to make informed decisions when setting up your business and completing your service calls.

       Tools used in various automotive courses include VVDI 2, Lonsdor, APP, PolDiag, OBD Star, SKP, KD, Zed Full, IKey, Bosscom, Tango, Orange 5, Abrites, IM100, IM508, IM608, IM600, G-Box, Logikey, XHorse, Lock Labs, AE Tools, ACDP, AR-32, Lishi, Accu Reader, Turbo Decoder, VVDI Prog, VVDI MB, CGDI MB and many more.

       At ACLT, vehicles are actually driven into the classroom during lessons so students may work on them and obtain the best hands-on experience available.

       All ACLT instructors are VERY highly trained and actively work in the locksmith industry.  ACLT Automotive Master Locksmith instructors are among the top automotive locksmiths in the United States.

       Please click on our "Staff" tab above to learn more about our instructors.  By clicking "Courses" and "Class Schedule", you will see our classes, class schedules, and pricing.

       You may feel the pricing is a bit high, but consider the amount of money to be made in the locksmith industry.  For example, our Automotive locksmith course is $1,500.  Most automotive locksmiths make this amount in a day or two.  The cost of our BMW or Mercedes classes can be earned back by merely completing two or three jobs.  The saying "You can't make money if you don't spend money" is especially true in this industry.

       There are so many locksmiths who fail because they do not want to pay for proper training and equipment.  Instead, they take an online course.  86% of those who took only an online course fail within the first year.  95% fail within the first two years. This means only a mere 5% of all locksmiths who chose to learn online succeed in the locksmith business.


       Included with most ACLT courses is a locksmith business presentation which teaches you how to be successful in the locksmith industry.  Follow the steps we provide to you, and you WILL succeed.  ONLINE COURSES AND VIDEOS DO NOT WORK!  You MUST have hands-on training to succeed.  We know of no effective online courses. You will pay the money and be left with little knowledge and NO experience.

We at ACLT look forward to seeing you in class.  If you have any questions after going over our website, please feel free to call or email.

***Please carefully review our "READ ME" page for information on arriving at ACLT your first day as well as rules and regulations pertaining to ACLT sponsored chat groups.

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